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Makeup girl

Been too long, frozen/winter inspired

Anonymous said: you should do an american indian theme for your make-up! that would be so good xx

yesss ill add it to my list xx


nineteen-93-deactivated20131029 said: you should do rihanna’s ‘whos that chick’ makeup! the really pretty yellow and greenish one, with the candy pink blush and all that. that’d look amazing .x

Yesss I’ll give it a go soon xx

Anonymous said: you should make tutorial videos for your easier makeup and some for the hard ones, you’re incredible!

I kind of want to but im just so busy with school and stuff right now, but thank you! x

For ANZAC day, lest we forget ♥


I know i know i hardly post anymore but I’ve run out of ideas so if you have any ideas, themes or even photos please message me on tumblr or facebook. Keep in mind that if you send me photos i can’t copy them exactly because I think thats unfair to the original artist, but I can use it for inspiration and come up with my own variation (:

Thank you & stay beautiful,


makeup girl

Sugar skull

Anonymous said: Why dont you post anymore? x

busy busy busy! School and assignments have taken up so much of my time ahh but ill post more these holidays x

Egyptian/Cleopatra inspired